DNS Changes

If you do not feel comfortable editing DNS, we strongly recommend you just send us an email, during our business hours, with the DNS changes required in a form where we can just copy and paste (not a screen image) to avoid any typos.

Depending on where your domain is hosted you will either have a cPanel account to edit DNS or a direct admin account to edit DNS.

In most cases, you can go to cpanel.yourdomainname to access these - so if your domain is abcde.co.nz then it will be cpanel.abcde.co.nz.

If you are directed to a cPanel account click on the "Zone Editor" link in cPanel. If you are directed a direct admin account select "Account Manager" and you will see "DNS Management" as a sub-menu.


  • for security reasons this needs to come from an email address associated with your domain and not a third party
  • any changes sent through after our standard business hours will not be done immediately and will incur an after hours support charge