Website design top 10 tips for improving your website

The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) states that design simplicity should be used to avoid unnecessary complexity. 

This serves as a useful principle in a wide range of disciplines, such as software development, animation, engineering, and strategic planning.

1 - Colours

Keep colours consistent with your existing branding. This will enable users to easily identify you from other forms of advertising they may have seen. 

2 - Pop up windows

Keep these to a minimum. Use them for larger images only so they can be closed, keeping the user at your website. 

3 - Links

Include your links in the page part of the copy. Links are another way users scan pages. They stand out from normal text, and provide cues as to what the page is about. 

4 - Image/picture navigation

This should be avoided in your main navigation. Text navigation is easier for search engines to read. 

5 - Proof read you website

Typos and spelling mistakes will send people away from your pages. 

6 - Screen resolution

Make sure your website is responsive (mobile-friendly) and looks great on any screen resolution.

7 - Scrolling pages

These are fine if a user can get back to the top easily. 

8 - Strategy

Change your content regularly (news page, specials pages, latest news), so the user has something to come back to your website for.  The size of your text is important to enable users to read what you are telling them. 

9 - Simple animation only

If you want to use animation in your website make sure it loads quickly and doesn’t block the user from getting to other parts of your site. Only use animation as a section in your webpage not the only thing on the page.

10 - Save to favourites

Include a bookmark function in the design so users can save the site in their favourites for easy access in the future. 

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