Google + 1 and how it affects your website's Google Search rankings

All modern search engines rank sites (historically atleast) on three criteria, content on the page (search terms), how much traffic a website gets (comparing the website with others with the same search terms) and how many other websites on the internet have a link to your site. Google weights each criteria differently then ranks each site and lists them for viewers search results. 

This method has largely worked however now there’s a lot of clued people/companies manipulating this to ensure a clients site out ranks others, given this there’s one massive flaw being a website (or person) may know the rules so well that they could rank a site for a search term that doesn’t even relate to the companies services/products. How does a simple program run by google work out does a site actually offer those services or even simpler does the site have good or bad advice/copy for a search term?

Google 1 is an attempt to fix this issue. Very simply, if you have a Google 1 on your pages and someone likes your content or feels it was useful, they are encouraged to click the 1 button. The more 1 clicks the better your content is and the higher you should rank.

"The more 1 clicks the better your content is and the higher you should rank"

The requirements to 1 is you have a Google account and have logged in, also you can only 1 each webpage once (if you love the page you can't 1 it ten times)

So from now on you need to have good content and actively promote your pages to customers and ask them if they like the page 1 it!

1 has other implications but for the sake of this article I believe this is the most important aspect of the 1 service.

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